We are not abnormal, just introverts.

If you’re a quiet, reserved, or even shy individual and people have attempted to make you believe that something is wrong with you, then you are not alone. For some reason, extroversion is generally perceived as a positive trait, whilst introverted people are seen as deficient in some way or another. Everyone strives to become more outgoing, sociable and talkative because they believe that this is the best way or right way to be. The truth is, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Extroversion and introversion are simply two different personality types and either of them, if taken to the extreme, can be negative. Fortunately, most people are not totally one or the other but fall along some point in the introversion-extroversion continuum. Generally, you are an introvert if:

  • You prefer spending time alone or with one or two close friends, especially when tired.
  • You concentrate best when alone, and often give the impression of being quiet, calm and even mysterious.
  • You feel that you gain energy and strength from being alone.

Learn to embrace your personality and change aspects of it only if it hinders you from going forward in life or getting opportunities. There’s no need to try desperately to become Mister or Miss Sociable 24/7. For some of us, being sociable is something that we do only when necessary and that’s totally acceptable, regardless of what others may think. Here are just some of the good qualities of the introvert:

  • Independent
  • Deep thinker and self-analytic
  • Strong ability to concentrate
  • Works well with others, especially in a one-to-one relationship
  • Good listener
  • Calm under pressure
  • Creative
  • Studious and smart

Without introverts to provide some much-needed balance, the world would be full of loud-talking, insensitive, in-your-face, foot-in-mouth, ostentatious, diarrhea-of-words and constipation-of-action extroverts. Season’s greeting introverts!





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